Emergency management

What you need to know about holding an event in Wellington with its earthquake prone tendencies

New Zealand, like many parts of the world, has a background of seismic risk that is well understood.

Wellington came through the November 2016 earthquake very well, and there was little disruption. Wellington has undertaken a rigorous programme of building inspection, identified and managed any issues arising.

Business event planners and promoters can have full confidence in Wellington's capacity to deliver high-quality business event experiences, as ever. Wellington's hotels and civic venues are open for business, and safe to occupy. Public safety is our number one priority, and our venue teams are trained to manage event attendees and delegates in response to all kinds of emergencies.

As ever, we look forward to welcoming hirers and delegates from around New Zealand and the world to Wellington.

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All of our venues are operational and things are business as usual. This page will be updated in the an emergency with the correct procedures and information on how to manage safety in our venues.

Page updated 24 June 2020.