Concerts & performances

Express the magic of live performance in the creative charm of the city centre, with unique venues accommodating audiences of all sizes, from 500 to 6000

New Zealand’s cultural capital, Wellington offers a collection of spectacular indoor and outdoor concert and performance spaces.

The award-winning architecture and superior acoustics of the Michael Fowler Centre offer a perfect venue for concerts and musical performances—which is why it’s home to the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra.

TSB Arena and Shed 6 (TSB Auditorium) are truly multi-purpose spaces, adapting to your event’s needs and catering for large general admission events or fully seated concerts.The open architecture of the TSB Arena, with a capacity of up to 6000, and Shed 6 with 1400, means these venues provide an intimate experience on an international stage.

Turn to the treasured St James Theatre or The Opera House for magnificent heritage venues. Original proscenium arches and stately theatrical staging make any performance a memorable occasion.

Also available as part of Venues Wellington's portfolio are two magnificent open air-spaces. Wellington’s lively waterfront is home to the grassy Waitangi Park, suitable for audiences of 3000 – 12000. The Basin Reserve, Wellington’s famous cricket ground holds crowds up to 20000 for major open-air events.

Venue recommendations

TSB Arena

UP TO 6000

Michael Fowler Centre

UP TO 2209

St James Theatre

UP TO 1552

Shed 6

UP TO 1400

The Opera House

UP TO 1380

Our portfolio of unique venues cater for a calendar of world-class concerts and performances, from ballet and opera to live music, theatre and comedy

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