Safeguard your event with professional security personnel.

Venues Wellington is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for every event.

To ensure the safety of attendees at your event, we recommend a supplier who has a team of licensed experienced professionals to provide venue security.

Your dedicated Event Advisor will help you determine the security needs of your event. This can include end-to-end event security and patron safety management.

Personnel will work closely with our team to ensure all events are safe and secure, in a subtle and understated manner that’s an integral part of the venue experience.

24/7 security

Our venues are monitored 24/7 with an extensive array of surveillance cameras, and all venues are secured through an electronic access system.

Our exclusive security supplier has expert knowledge of each of our venues and can provide the following services:

  • corporate doormen
  • crowd control
  • concert security (including patron barrier)
  • loading dock security
  • traffic control
  • VIP escorts
  • event security

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