Subsidies and grants

Local community groups and performance art events can apply for subsidies and grants to hold events with Venues Wellington.

The Performing Arts Foundation (PAF) subsidies and grants

PAF supports performance arts events through venue subsidies and grants. 

The foundation is funded through a $1.50 levy which is included in every ticket purchased at the St James Theatre and The Opera House.

Wellington based performing arts companies or individuals can apply for funding to support venue rental of the Opera House; or for a grant to support many types of activity, including further advanced study or funding toward developing or realising a Wellington based performance. If an applicant would like to apply more than once, they will be considered for a maximum of three consecutive applications in total.

Approximately 75% of funding is allocated to venue rental subsidies, 25% is allocated to grants.

High on the agenda is directing resources specifically to involve youth participation in, and appreciation of, the performing arts.

The Performing Arts Fund prefers to fund activity that is additional to the production aimed at involving youth and young people in some way. Subsidised tickets are not considered a focus for this fund.

For any further questions, email Gus Sharp, Event Sales & Planning Manager.

Funding applications open

The following funding applications to the Performing Arts Fund are open:

  • Round 1 – open until 30 September 2022
  • Round 2 – open until 1 December 2022
  • Round 3 – open until February 28 2023
  • Round 4 – open until May 31 2023

Applications due by these dates to be reviewed by the board. See the criteria and considerations below for more information.

Criteria and considerations

Wellington City Council venue subsidy

If you're a local community group or organisation, you might be eligible for a subsidy to cover the cost of venue hire with Venues Wellington.

Wellington City Council offers $245,000 in subsidies each year to support the community and make our special venues and facilities more accessible to Wellington-based community groups, in line with their Annual Plan.

To be eligible, your event must be free or low-cost, and benefit the wider community in some way – whether that's culturally, environmentally, socially or economically. In the past, these grants have supported family days, children's art festivals, international cultural celebrations and community concerts.

Subsidies are available for:

  • TSB Arena
  • TSB Auditorium (Shed 6)
  • Michael Fowler Centre
  • St James Theatre
  • The Opera House

Criteria and considerations

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