Virtual & hybrid events

Recent times highlight just how uncertain planning events can be. Venues Wellington can help ensure your event goes ahead either in-person, online or hybrid.

Venues Wellington and NW Group have teamed up to provide clients with scalable, full-service, online event solutions, to help you create an engaging online experience for your audiences. 

With professional virtual studio setups, the types of events that can run virtually or hybrid include: 

  • AGMs and board meetings 
  • Awards shows 
  • Conferences 
  • Esports 
  • Presentations 
  • Product launches 
  • Music concerts, band recordings and DJ sets, and School graduations. 

Options Galore

Simply choose from one of six Wellington city venues to enjoy safe, live, face-to-face events using studio set-ups, creative production and technology that give presenters and delegates the chance to take part, wherever they are.

In times where flexibility and adaptability are key, let our experienced  Venues Wellington team help guide you to ensure your next event goes ahead. Our team can call on our trusted, reliable suppliers that are just as adaptable - and that means everything from tech, ticketing, catering and security.

Virtual and hybrid services

Even if you can’t get everyone together in a room, our team can help you run your virtual or hybrid event by:

  • Providing a fully hosted livestreams or webinar service, either locally, nationally or to a global audience.
  • Hosting pre-recorded, on-demand content on our customisable online platform. This means people can view the content online at the time, or after the event.
  • Custom designing the online page so that your stream can showcase your company logos, branding colours etc.
  • Incorporating various interactive services such as pre-event registration, ticketing, exhibition links, sponsor information/links, live polling and Q&A, so viewers can participate in real time.
  • Recording and editing your live event, giving you a resource that you can incorporate into your website for future use such e-learning tools etc.
  • Integrating the streams into an existing online platform of your choice, or we can partner with several existing platforms to cater to unique requirements.
  • Offering a dedicated in-house studio production team, to custom create any 2D or 3D content, as well as post-production editing.

Nothing was a problem and we felt very looked after – the VW team did everything in its power to minimise financial impact when we had to change from face-to-face to online.

Read more about Julia Costa’s event experience

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